Music Video for the song "Quero, Posso e Faço" from MK Nocivo.

Filmed and edited by me.

Canon 550D/T2i w/ Magic Lantern
Canon 50mm 1.8
Canon 16-55mm kit lens
Adobe Premiere CS5
After Effects CS5


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Promotional Video for Norberto Lobo's concert in the Abade de Baçal Museum in Bragança, Portugal.

Filmed and Edited by me.

Canon 550D/T2i w/ Magic Lantern

Sigma 10-20mm

Canon 50mm f1.8

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"In 2008 joined Nuno, Cátia and Dinis.

In no speakable idea.

What they do is songs, and songs are nothing, what matters is doing.

What exists is a stray memory bewteen what you listen and see, between what you read and write.

This is pulling what doesn’t have to be told, but heard.

This is Guta Naki.”

Filmed and Edited by me.


Dedos Biónicos

Guta Naki

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Video of the Powerdove - Annie Lewandowski - concert in Museu do Abade de Baçal, Bragança, Portugal

Filmed and Edited by me

Produced by Dedos Biónicos

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Annie Lewandowski was born and raised in the Midwest and now lives in England. She writes songs under the name powerdove. Her first band, Emma Zunz, recorded their self-titled debut album in 2006.

Photography of the Powerdove - Annie Lewandowski - concert in Museu do Abade de Baçal, Bragança, Portugal

Produced by Dedos Biónicos

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"Fonética" - "Phonetics"

This was a short-film realized by the team WeLoveChaos, led by me, to the 48 Hour Film Project, which winned the Best Photography Award.


Character: Carlos or Carla Bengala, Professor/a (Carlos or Carla Bengala, Teacher)

Prop:  Uma colher de pau (a wooden spoon)

Line of Dialogue: ”Mantém a tua palavra.” (“Be true to your word.”)

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"Messer Chups is an experimental band from St.Petersburg, Russia. The band was founded by Oleg Gitarkin who had previously performed with Oleg Kostrow under the name of Messer für Frau Müller. Messer Chups is often considered a “spin-off” band of Messer für Frau Müller. The band was originally a duo of Gitarkin on bass guitar and Annette Schneider who played the synths. In period 2000-2002 Messer Chups consisits of Gitarkin and Igir Vdovin on Synth." in Wikipedia

Concert in Clube de Bragança, Bragança, Portugal

Produced by Dedos Biónicos


Dedos Biónicos - -

Messer Chups - -

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Scene Photography by:

Luis Henrique Silveira

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Portugal is in crisis.

As a result of the massive disappointment of the people a small group of friends created a facebook event of a manifestation - Geração à Rasca (Generation in crisis) that would happen in the two main cities of Portugal (Lisbon and Porto). The date was somehow chosen randomly but no one expected the huge amount of persons that appeared - the biggest non-partisan manifestation since the the Revolution in April, 1974.

This was some footages that I made and edited in Porto.


"Grândola Vila Morena" from José Afonso

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This is a non-commercial teaser that we - O Homem da Caixa, a non-profit artistic collective - made for a concert that was going to happen in April in Porto, Portugal.

The name of the band is PAUS and they played in the Hard Club, one of the best spaces in town to that kind of events.

Filming and Editing

André Ramos

Zombies and Characterization

Íris Rocha and João Pedro Fonseca

Scene Photography

Luis Henrique Silveira


"Mudo e Surdo" from PAUS

"Resident Evil OST" from Marilyn Manson

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Some footages made in the Tram Station in TimisoaraRomania with the Canon 550D - 18-55mm IS lens.
Edited in Adobe Premiere CS5.

Song: Gonjasufi “Ancestors”

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Barcelona, Spain

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Savona, Italy

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Hunedoara Castle, Romania

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Milan, Italy

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